#14 – Ricelli Laplace – Putting the Human and Community into Architecture

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Ricelli (Richi) is an architect by profession, artist by heart and musician in free time. After falling in love with permaculture, building with natural materials and communities, Richi now pursues a different way to practice architecture.

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#13 – Gregoire Durrens – A Fabship: off the grid manufacturing

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Gregoire Durrens is an engineer and eco-builder who works with Earthship Biotecture among others. After graduating from the FabAcademy and attending the Earthship Academy, he was inspired to bring together the diverse approaches to the use of technology to solve our most pressing global problems. Continue reading

Don’t Flush Your Freedom

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It’s a real pleasure to share this great film written, directed and edited by Federica Miglio & Alessandro Turci: Don’t Flush Your Freedom (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tAFQsMKExCI&fbclid=IwAR3DePd43-Q1pvgkdB1p-Mvh6gD53T7IDeajNRiE-dFRV84EGncC50gf0R4&app=desktop) – It’s been out for sometime on paid channels but is now available for free!

As most of you know, architect Michael Reynolds has spent the past 46 years creating eco-friendly homes which evolved to became ‘Earthships’. These radically sustainable building incorporate 6 principals:

  1. They self-heat and self-cool
  2. They collect rain water
  3. They generate their own power
  4. They  treat their own sewage
  5. They grow some of their own food
  6. They are made from reappropriated materials.
Earthships provide a way for people in both developed and developing countries to live better lives without polluting. They use simple technology and a team of 40 people can make a 4 room house in 2 weeks.

The film follows Earthship builds in Malawi, The Philippines and Taos. It explores what it is to build offgrid whether communities in The US or humanitarian builds in the majority world.