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Come to Cape Town and immerse yourself in a two week workshop (June 1 to June 14) which will provide you the tools you need to take practical steps towards a sustainable life.

An Intensive Programme

In this varied programme with daily practical workshops, building and theoretical classes, you’ll be helping to build a yoga school that teaches disadvantaged children to connect to themselves and each other.


1st June – 14th June, 2019 with the possibility to stay on and contribute / learn more.


450 USD – Includes theoretical and practical tuition as well as a daily delicious lunch. The fee goes towards the qualified instructors’ flights and costs.

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The Project

The Earth Child Project teaches children in disadvantaged neighbourhoods to connect to themselves and each other through yoga and life-skills. 

The new building will produce much of its own energy through the smart use of materials and combination of passive design features to enhance insulation and thermal mass properties. It will also caters for the community at large including senior citizens and support groups.

Course Outline

The course will be symbiotic in providing valuable work force for the project while teaching many essential natural building techniques.


  • Lessons learned, culture and contextualisation of building in South Africa
  • Staging
  • Natural Materials (straw-bale, rammed earth, brick)
  • Earthship 6 principles (Self heating and cooling; water collection; power generation; reusing materials; treating sewage and growing food)
  • Other offgrid solutions (biodigester etc.)


  • Foundations
  • Rammed tyres
  • Bottle walls / can walls
  • Openings (door and windows)
  • Woodwork
  • Plastering
  • Ring beam
  • Compressed earth bricks
  • Foundations
  • Eco bricks
  • Sandbag arch
  • Plastering scratch and form coats, no final plastering

The Teachers

Harrison Gardner

Harrison Gardner has a wealth of experience building structures of all kinds. He’s worked in Australia, USA, Kenya, India, Columbia, Nepal and Japan. In his role of Earthship Biotecture foreman he leads groups of over 40 people in challenging conditions but still never misses an opportunity to pass on knowledge. He is passionate about teaching and being part of the ways that building and buildings can improve lives.

Patrick Lunt

Patrick Lunt is a founding member of Offgrid Vision and Offgrid Italia. He has built and managed projects in Malawi, Burkina Faso, The US, Italy, Nepal and Japan both independently and in collaboration with Earthship Biotecture. He is passionate about seeding humanitarian projects and hosts the Offgrid and Connected podcast to create community and further that aim.

Peter McIntosh

The build is being organised by Peter McIntosh from The Natural Building Collective. For almost twenty years Peter has been a pioneer of natural and sustainable building in South Africa. He now focuses on training, mentoring and promoting natural and sustainable building projects for many causes including early childhood development.

Matt Paneitz

Matt Paneitz is the founder of Long Way Home, an NGO based in Guatemala. LWH has built a school from recycled and sustainable materials for kids of all ages which reaches out into the community through its students and volunteers, building houses clinics and water infrastructure. Long Way Home’s Green Building Academy teaches student from all over the world and funds the many projects it undertakes.

Accommodation option

Stoked Backpackers, 175 Main Rd, Muizenberg, Cape Town. 

The Area

Cape Town is always high on global destination lists and for good reason. Before, after or even on days off building you can trek up Table Mountain, visit the area’s famous vineyards, see the sunrise up from the ocean from Lion’s Head or check out the beaches and wildlife. See photos here.

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