#6 John Bolenbaugh – Big Oil Whistleblower

Big Oil Whistleblower

John Bolenbaugh is founder of helppa.org and has worked tirelessly since 15th October 2010 to hold big oil accountable for cleaning up their mess.

This was my first conversation with a whistleblower and it gave me the goosebumps a number of times.

Since Julian Assange and Edward Snowdon showed the courage to speak out I’ve been interested in whistleblowing. I never liked the whole “telling” thing in kindergarten but at some point in our lives what we see outside will clash with what we feel is right inside. The question is what do we do about it?

There is something that engages the spirit when human beauty stands up against human ugliness. It rings true in the bottom of our bones and makes us feel alive. That is how I felt speaking to John. I can only wish him the best. Do spread the word if you can – I know he would welcome any help he can get.

This episode explains how we clean up oil, why it spills and how companies not only cover up and lie about their mess, they profit from it!

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