Biodigester Workshop

Biodigester Workshop

Move another step closer to living offgrid and free! Build your own biodigester and turn your organic waste into methane.

Free methane

Build your own BIOGAS IBC System for your household. Cook, heat water for showering and dish-washing! Simple to handle and a great investment (€400 – €440) for a lifetime supply.

Produce soil and exquisite fertiliser

Not only do you get rid of your organic waste, you also produce phenomenal soil and an incredibly powerful natural fertiliser to help your vegetables grow!


Via Marion, 3, Monastier di Treviso, 31050 (TV)


10.00 – 1st to 17.00 – 2nd September, 2018


€140 pp – bring a tent – includes food – water & instruction.



Telephone: +39 392 458 4332


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