#11 – Lara Alshawawreh – Human Architecture in Refugee Camps

Too many short term solutions for long term problems?

Our conversation outlines some of challenges for people living in two Jordanian camps (Zaatari and Azraq). We explore a few of the options and restrictions in using offgrid technologies as potential solutions – political will notwithstanding.

Lara was awarded a Jordanian PhD scholarship to study at Edinburgh Napier University where her research relates to Architecture for Emergencies in the Middle East. Lara now focuses on humanitarian issues within the built environment. Her investigations include proposing a shelter design criteria for the Middle East and the development of a new ‘transitional’ shelter that will help fulfil the societal, cultural and building technology needs of refugees and displaced populations. This work will provide the keystone towards innovative designs and construction technologies to support the rehabilitation process for such scenarios.

This was a first for me. I’ve been interested in refugees’ stories for quite some time but had never talked one to one with someone who’s been involved in the on the ground reality of life in a camp. Do check out more of Lara’s work below.

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